Produced by CustomSoft, Australia’s most experienced home entertainment software developer, the all-new ROCKET point-of-hire/point-of-sale software is used by hundreds of rental and retail stores throughout Australia and New Zealand, and in South Africa. The preferred software of Australasia’s major franchise/marketing groups. Available in rental/retail and retail-only versions. 

Building on 25 years’ experience of its predecessor, VIDEOMINDER, ROCKET is a completely new, built from the ground up, true-Windows product for the 21st century. Its 32-bit technology overcomes the limitations of old-style DOS and Windows overlay programs. Comes completely integrated with Video Defaulters’ debt collection functions and interfaces with the national defaulters registry. Optional modules also let you: 

    • link multiple stores for online operations
    • pull back data from multiple stores for head office analysis
    • direct market to your customers with SMS texting
    • have a movie database integrated with your rental and retail product files
    • automatically capture a digital photograph of every customer linked to every transaction

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AVWin, Complete DVD / Video Library / Store Rental Software Package
Before AVWin software there was AutoVideo rental library software which was first released in 1989. Now AutoVideo rental store software has evolved into AVWin using all the power of Windows. 

Reasonably priced 
Stability and Reliability 
Powerful yet easy to use 
Powerful security and tracking 
All the features you will ever need 
Multiple different customers serving 
Automatic background backup 
Keyboard and mouse friendly 
Proven over the test of time 
VMI program compatible 
Revshare compatible 
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Video Defaulters Pty. Ltd. was established in 1995 to prevent any video store member from refusing to pay debts or return products to the original place of hire.

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